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Our Mission

The Circles of Essence Society, is a spiritual organization, dedicated to elevating human consciousness as a means of bringing peace and harmony to the earth and all our relations.

Circles of Essence Goals 

Circles of Essence, an educational and spiritual organization, shares a map of life which allows each person to discover their own path leading to self-mastery and personal fulfillment.

We reveal this map of life in experiential workshops, individual sessions and classes using:

  1. Inka Shamanic Practices
  2. Spirit Flight
  3. Mystical Workshops
  4. Soul Retrieval and Destiny Retrieval

Sometimes we have negative thought forms, dense energy, or old traumas that become stored in our bodies manifesting as physical ailments, illness, or emotional difficulties.  To help individuals heal these, we use various techniques of luminous body healing, including the energy medicine of the Inka Peruvian shamans.  Circles of Essence workshops, ceremony, and individual sessions help you release that which no longer serves you to bring forth personal transformation.  Ceremonies include despachos, marriages, baptisms, commitment, renewal, naming, transition or any other formal or informal rites or rituals. 

Go to the Circles of Essence Services page for more detailed services information. Go to the Circle of Peace Workshops page for more detailed information on workshops.

For more information, contact     918-284-6683 918-809-8338

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