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Inka Shamanism

Among the Andes Mountains in Peru, live a group of indigenous Indians known as Q’eros. They are the direct descendants of the ancient Inkan people who were invaded by the Spanish Conquistadores in the 1500’s. A few of them managed to escape being forced into labor in the gold and silver mines by the Conquistadores. Those few escaped to the “villages in the cloud” in the holy mountains (apus). These people survived and safe-guarded much of their sacred knowledge, keeping it intact over the centuries.

This knowledge is based on the cosmology that we are all forms of living energy, each with our own qualities and frequencies. Everything is energy, not good or bad, just different.

The Q’eros were able to preserve and orally pass on their sacred Inka healing traditions and ceremonies from one generation to the next. In recent years, these healers have come down from the mountains to share their wisdom with Western civilization. It is this wisdom that we pass on in our workshops and healing ceremonies.

One Heart, One Mind, Eagle and Condor Flying Together
Judy L. Nelson, copyright and Horus

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