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Our services assist you in lifting your consciousness to increased levels of awareness.  As that happens you begin to manifest that which you desire in your life. As your consciousness increases, your ability to manifest your desires increases.  You can then trust your intuition and enjoy walking a path of beauty.

Client Comments

We have been offering workshops and classes for many years; following are some of our users' comments:

  • "I feel as if I have found a home with the circle. I've learned so much and cannot list all the ways my life has changed since coming to the classes and fire ceremonies. I have had private sessions with Jodi that were life changing also. Thank you for being there for me."  -  Rosie Gorrell

  • "What the Circle has meant to me: acceptance of who I am and an opportunity to get a glimpse of who I "truly am and who I am becoming"; support and encouragement to grow, learn, play, trust, laugh and explore; a safe place to shed my past and step into now; a community of fellow travelers, of whom I am most honored to be sharing a journey through the directions.  The Circle has renewed my hope for the world, and given me a sense of faith in people and their basic goodness, and most importantly is has shown me that there is more going on than what my 5 senses communicate to me."  -  Namaste, Dana Moss 
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