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Circles of Essence provides transformational workshops allowing each person to develop the potential that lies within. These workshops introduce us to the of ancient wisdom of Egypt or the Inka Shamans. They are focused on creating harmony, balance, and growth allowing us to discover our unique individuality, empowering us to express more fully who we are.

The workshops are carefully tailored and delivered to assist learners from all walks of life in discovering and integrating their amazing cognitive and affective abilities towards becoming conscious co-creators in all aspects of their existence. They test existing paradigms, creating perceptual shifts to stimulate changes in attitudes and behaviors.

Like the ancient alchemists, we transmute our current life situations into gold, creatively releasing what has dried out in our lives of old relationships, careers, and things that once served us, but no longer does. We can take these old lessons and experiences and spin them into gold to find new ways to love, to share our talents and gifts, to enter into relationships with like-minded souls—to live heartily, with fullness and joy. Thus our lives become truly golden.

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